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Every day we go to the park to take the alpaca for a walk.


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How well do you know your Admin?

You can have as many goes as you like, we will check and post your scores but we won't tell you which you have got right or wrong.

Q1.  What are our real first names? 5 points

Q2.  What is our combined age? 282, 302 or 322

Q3.  Which countries do we live in? 4 points

Q4.  Who has a little devil tattooed on their bottom?

Q5.  Which of us has a large collection of music on vinyl?

Q6. Who has kissed the Blarney Stone?

Q7. When is Neilzebubs birthday?

Q8.  Who has flown in the cockpit of a 747?

Q9. Who played a musical instrument in the Schonbrunn Palace Concert, Vienna?

Q10. Our favourite meals;

Smoked Salmon & Stilton

Roast Beef & Yorkshire pudding

Tournados Rossini & Spinach mash.

Steak, Mushrooms & Fries

Grilled Abalone, White Rice Pilaf & Garlic buttered Asparagus

but whose? 5 points

Maximum of 21 points for all correct answers, who will get the most?
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A big knife.

A big pan.

A woman to kill the food with the big knife and cook the food with the big pan.
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This is an alphabetical game. 

The first and last words have to start with the same letter and "in the" is in between.

Actors in the Album

B….in the B….
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